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Equipment and Software We Use:

  • Digital X-rays provide higher quality dental images, and expose patients to less radiation than traditional X-ray technology.

  • Dentrix – EHR system. Electronic record keeping system.

  • Panoramic radiography, also called panoramic xray, is a two-dimensional (2-D) dental xray examination that captures the entire mouth in a single image, including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures and tissues.

  • Intraoral Camera– a tool the dentist uses to examine your mouth in a detailed way. The instrument, which may look like an oversized pen, has a camera that takes high-resolution footage or images of a patient’s mouth and shows the visuals real-time on a monitor—they’re like high-tech versions of the hand mirrors.

  • Ultrasonic Scalers are used to remove calculus rapidly from the tooth surface.

  • Soft Tissue Lasers are used to treat many common dental conditions in a gentle, minimally invasive way. Using soft tissue lasers reduces bleeding, reduces pain, discomfort and swelling, and makes for a more comfortable healing process. We use soft tissue lasers for applications, such as gum surgery, reshaping gum tissue after receiving an implant, and treatments for gum disease.

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These state funded programs are accepted at all of our Northern Michigan dental clinics.

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